Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Luck O' the Irish

I am thinking that this month I'm needing some of that Irish luck. From potty training to my husband's licensure (physical therapy) exam, I need to find a way to channel some of that! And if along the way I find a pot of gold, that would be awesome too.

I was inspired by Fabric Paper Thread's lovebird mobile so I thought I would make a St. Paddy's Day mobile.

First I found a silhouette of a clover (google) that I liked and traced it right of the screen. I found a little toy with a circular end and traced a few coins on some coin-looking paper. Then I grabbed some double-sided tape and some thread.

Sorry I don't have any pictures from this point until completion because my camera decided not to work.
I taped some thread to one side of each coin and placed the other coin on top to tape them together. Then I taped the thread to the spots I wanted on the clover and put the other one on top!

I found a clipart Irish looking hat, cut 2 out and put on a green band, buckle and taped it to a spot on the clover.

I stuck a pin through the top and put some thread through it. Then I hung it from the light in my kitchen. I really like it!

It would look really cool with some glitter and other embelishments, too.

Seriously, why don't I do more things with paper? It's inexpensive and fun! (and I have loads of scrapbook paper that is just sitting in my basement.)

Here is the pattern I used.

I also cut out some four-leaf clovers--here via here--out of some cute green paper and hung them around my living room. Bring on the good luck!

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Thanks for visiting my blog-I loved having the chance to visit yours-the four leaf clover is something I might be able to do, but the Lightning McQueen cake!?? Oh my goodness! That was AMAZING-I would buy one from you, but there is NO way I could make that! Love it!!!(The flubber cake is too cute, too!)